Second Sight

Last time I tried maintaining a blog, it didn’t end so well. I was on Xanga for a year or so, and then I realized that I was the site’s oldest user and that it was time for me to graduate to a Big Boy Blog.

I have a different sort of goal for this blog. Many Christians have what we call “accountability partners.” The purpose of these relationships is to provide a conduit by which one is able to share openly one’s sins, struggles, and successes in one’s Christian walk. Accountability partners encourage and challenge one another to grow in their spiritual journeys.

I’ve never really had an accountability partner, mostly because many of my dearest friends are in different states. Well, my faithful readers, you will be my accountability partners.

A lot has occurred since I last wrote regularly in a blog. At the end of last semester, I got into some serious academic trouble. When it came to crunch time and project due date was upon me, I basically panicked and ended up plagiarizing a term paper. As a result, I lost my chance to be a residence assistant during my senior year, had several scholarships stripped, and was nearly dismissed from the school.

I made it my goal to have a profitable summer and senior year, working on my spiritual life in the attempt to redeem myself for my actions and grow closer to the Lord. My summer internship at Faith jumpstarted that process, and I continue to grow. My poor decisions and character flaws have not only cost me academic, social, and financial opportunities; they have recently cost me the best relationship of my life.

This is where the blog comes into play. I’m making it my goal to be as utterly transparent as possible on WordPress. My readers will be comprised mostly of people who care for my wellbeing and for my growth as a person and as a Christian, so I feel comfortable sharing the intimate details, victories, and setbacks in my life. I know that many people think Internet vulnerability is pointless, but I’m not one of those. I’m even going to link these posts to Facebook.

So, my people, it is my hope that we will profit mutually from one another. Feel free to lend any encouragement or constructive criticism where you see fit… Or just flame me, I can take it.

– Matt

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1 Response to Second Sight

  1. Marlen says:

    Matt – I just have to say that it takes a lot of guts to post about what happened in college last semester. I cheated on a final in college, but did not admit it and make things right until a few years later and it affected so many areas of my life. I know God is going to use you in so many ways for the benefit of the Kingdom. You’re awesome man! Keep your chip up =)

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