Really, ANOTHER Blue Minotaur?

Psalm 116:18 reads, “I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all His people.”

See, blogs CAN be accountability tools.

We started fall workouts for baseball this week. I haven’t really thrown a ball or swung a bat more than a handful of times over the past two years, so it’s been awesome to get a feel for the game again. I must say, I would give a lot to be in the shape I was in three or four years ago. I’ve lost several steps at third, and I run the bases at Jim Thome speed. I got to throw off a “mound” for a bit; those fifteen pitches were flat-out empowering. Not playing since high school has dulled my love for the game a bit, but I can feel it coming back to me. Can’t wait ’til spring!

Tonight, we held a going away party for Pete and Rachel Prusak. They’re moving out to Virginia to find work, and we sent them off the right way — with pizza, cake, and Cranium. Lance, Jenny, and I teamed up to take down the three-hour board game marathon in style. At first, I found it odd that I was the only one who knew the words to Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” but then I remembered that I was playing with a bunch of Maranatha kids.

I’m pretty impressed with the way 02drop has revamped their site. Their article content seems much improved, and I’ve recently gained some respect for Dave “Rockstar” Heilker’s writing abilities. I think his assessment of the Chris Pregent DQ at this past weekend’s SCG Open tourney in B-More is pretty spot-on; I’ve always thought Chris seemed a little shady, but I tend to stereotype most Pregent-style thuglife characters far too often, and Chris is probably just a really nice guy who likes flat-billed ballcaps and XXXL hoodies.

I’ve been mashing the “Random Card” button on Gatherer to figure out clever titles for these posts, but after seeing Labyrinth Minotaur appear on the screen for the seventeeth time (because really, with 10,000+ cards in print, we should be getting mad repeats like that), I decided that my awesome idea was, in fact, quite lame.

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