You Might Die Trying

Wizards released the details of their second Great Designer Search last night. Basically, they’re having a competition, open to anyone worldwide who wishes to enter. The Search will test entrants’ creativity in a variety of ways, and it’s going to be exceedingly tough. I’m guessing that between three and four thousand people will enter, so my odds of doing well aren’t exactly great, but regardless, I’m going to put forth my best effort. The competition involves several rounds of essay submissions and multiple-choice tests, with the playing field being culled drastically after each round. The final three competitors will be offered paid internships or jobs. Wish me luck!

Inventory was actually pretty sweet last night/morning. I spent the first half of my shift repricing everything in the store, and we had some ridiculous deals. I bought a half dozen pairs of shorts for a buck each and gave them away in the dorm… I’m basically Santa Claus at this point.

Some days, I’m completely contented with my situation, and the reality that our relationship is forever concluded is something I can handle without difficulty. On others, I spend significant time contemplating where I went wrong, and that internal void is intensified every time I see her. I know that some people are of the opinion that grief should not be extensive and that one who allows Christ to be sufficient won’t have to battle these feelings, but I would argue that sorrow over loss is a natural element of humanity (see John 11:35). I’m not depressed, I’ve not lost sight of Christ’s mercies, I’m just a little blue.

Please pray. I’d appreciate it.

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4 Responses to You Might Die Trying

  1. That Lance Guy says:

    Hey, regardless of whether or not its wrong to be “depressed” or “focusing on the negative” instead of God’s gracious provision doesn’t mean it isn’t human.

    Something that’s always helped me out of a rut is remembering someone else’s difficulties and telling them that God has prepared His Glory for them – when you’re “instructing” someone else it becomes more real…at least for me.

  2. sadermatt says:

    I don’t really understand the first part of your comment, Lancelot. Are you agreeing with my statement that a certain level of grief is to be expected (and is completely permissible), or are you disagreeing?

    Regardless, you’re a good friend and a Great American. Teşekkür ederim.

  3. That same Lance guy says:

    Agreeing its expected…and permissible on grounds of humanity alone.

    Your a pretty solid writer, you know that?

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