3x Praise

Man. This week has been one of the best in recent memory, and it’s only halfway over!

The Lord has been so good to me and my family. My father has battled chronic back pain for much of his life, as a result of a long career of cross-checking opponents into the boards. He’s been particularly troubled over the past year, and we were worried that he might need surgery to correct a major problem. Well, he’s recently received a few rounds of cortisone injections, his pain is nearly gone, and doctors have assured us that his herniated discs will almost certainly heal on their own.

My dad has a coworker who is severly addicted to painkillers. Pops is quite fond of him, and they’ve built a strong friendship. The guy is barely older than I am, and he looks up to my dad as a second father. Dad’s repeatedly taken him to rehab clinics and Celebrate Recovery meetings, but the drugs have a dominant hold on his life.

A few of the guys in my dad’s shop are Christians, so the spiritual tone of the place is pretty solid. Dad has spoken with this one individual (and many others) about the Lord, and this weekend, those conversations finally bore fruit. Dad’s young friend called him up Saturday morning, and Dad led him to the Lord. I talked to Pops soon afterward, and I’m not sure I can recall a point in time where he was more excited.

Finally, it looks like everything’s working out with my upcoming oral surgery. Since we’re on an HMO, our insurance will typically cover only locally-based procedures (i.e. performed in Maryland). Since I’m a college student attending school in Wisconsin, I’m not able to have this emergency prodecure done in Maryland. I’ve spent the past few days trying to explain this situation to Aetna, battling for them to extend coverage out-of-network… Well, they called me back this afternoon and gave me the green light. We’re pretty pumped, since this should save us several thousands of ducats.

Thanks, Lord.

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