Sorry, Chapin, Cascade Sucks

Caleb and I covered another high school football game on Friday. We went to Hartford’s homecoming game against Beaver Dam, and it soon proved worth the trip. Loads of action, fairly high-scoring, and I got to go on the radio twice. Low point: second consecutive Lady Gaga-themed halftime show.

Aside: what the crap, high school girls? You really feel the need to dress like hookers at every opportunity? Approximately 92% of the females in attendance on Friday chose to adorn themselves in fishnets, booty shorts, and sports bras. If you’re attempting to attract every sex-crazed, testosterone-pumping, zit-faced guido within five miles, then congrats, you’ve succeeded. Just don’t feel slighted when I brand you all hussies.

The deadline for turning in GDS2 entrance essays passed tonight. I wrote them all during the week and polished them for an hour or two before submitting them at 11:30. I tried to express myself in an attractive manner while simultaneously presenting solid, honest arguments. I must say, though, that I read Billy Moreno’s submissions, and I immediately felt much less confident in my own. I guess we’ll see what happens… Reply e-mails to be sent sometime on Monday.

My vote for the best lyric of 2010: “Guess that’s why they call it ‘window pane.'”

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1 Response to Sorry, Chapin, Cascade Sucks

  1. That Lance Guy says:

    Totally agree on that line, you could add my vote if it weren’t for Brandon Flowers and “our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears” and Mike Shinoda’s “In a burst of light that blinded every angel”

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