Marchin’ On

I’m exhausted. At this point, I’m basically a part-time student with a full-time job. Don’t get me wrong, the paycheck is pretty sweet, but my schedule is crazy tight. I’m up at 8, classes until 1, work from 2 to 9:30, homework and whatnot from 10 to 1 or 2, rinse and repeat. Maybe I should cut out some of the whatnot.

We hired some dudes to clean the floor of the store. The job was supposed to take six hours on Sunday night. They have worked four nights this week and will be finishing up tomorrow night. Murph and I volunteered for the Sunday night shift, which was supposed to be fairly easy. We were planning on processing new clothes for an hour before vegging out to the NFL and MLB, but one of the cleaners had other plans for our night. This guy was absolutely nuts. I’m certain that he was either an ex-con or recently stoned out of his mind (or possibly both). He spent more time bugging Josh and me than he did working, and he actually mentioned offhandedly at one point that we should “feel free to slip roofies into his water bottle.”

All was well until the stroke of 10:30, when this shady character decided he had worked enough for the night. He waited for his boss to come to the back room with us to refill his buffer, called up some homies, and rolled out. We watched the scene later on the security cameras to make sure he hadn’t stolen anything.

His Hispanic boss was none too pleased, and his Latin temper reared its cabeza fea. He had two more jobs scheduled for Sunday night, and he said that our store would require four more hours of work if he had to go it alone. Well, Josh and I weren’t down for that, so we gave Kent a call before telling the guy to come back the next night.

He’s promised he’ll finish up by Friday night. Fingers AND toes crossed.

Wizards released the 2011 Grand Prix schedule today. It looks like I’ll be able to hit three or four of them, since I’ll be freshly gradumated. Pittsburgh is definitely happening, Providence is highly likely, and Kansas City and Montreal are possibilities. GP: Nashville is about a month away, so I’m planning on going 5-for-5 on Day Twos in the next calendar year.

I’ll write about why the NFL’s new policy regarding hard hits is an abomination sometime tomorrow. Night nights!

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