Pillory of the Sleepless

Lots of catching up to do. I suppose I should write more often.

We finally finished the floors at work. A six-hour job eventually extended into a five-night project, but the floors are finally pristine. Good thing we weren’t paying the cleaners by the hour.

I had my first round of oral surgery yesterday afternoon. During this appointment, the surgeon cut back my gums, exposing the post on which my crown sits. He then touched to the post an electrode of sorts; this device sends a charge of electricity through the conductor/post, essentially cooking the surrounding flesh. This causes the gum and bone to recede, which will allow the surgeon to remove the tooth more easily in two weeks. It also hurt. A lot. What hurt even more was his inital incision, which was made just outside the numbed area of my mouth.

Alongside Amoxicillin and a presciption mouthwash, the surgeon had me pick up some Vicodin. Since House is my favorite television show, I’m deeply familiar with the drug’s potential effects, so I was pretty apprehensive. In addition, my father has counseled several men around my age who have struggled with severe addictions to paid medication, and he was quite worried about my taking Vicodin, since the drug can become addictive after just two or three weeks of use. I took two pills about an hour ago, and I’m currently breaking out into a cold sweat and I feel slightly nauseated, so although I’m in a not-insignificant amount of pain, I’m thinking about switching to ibuprofen or some other, weaker analgesic.

I had an hour-long conversation concerning Islam with a friend a few night ago. My position was (and is) that Islam is a religion fundamentally based on the forceful conversion of all nonbelievers; while there are a great number of “moderate Muslims,” Islam does not exist in a moderate form when followed and observed in a fashion true to its core teachings. I asserted that, in certain parts of the world, those Muslims who would identify themselves as strict adherents to their faith greatly outnumber those who we could term “Muslim in name only,” and as such, those regions should be considered openly hostile to Christianity, America, and the entirety of Western culture. My friend countered that it is impossible to accurately gauge those percentages without knowing the hearts of each individual Muslim, citing moral conviction and the human element for support. By the end of the conversation, I think we understood each other far better than we had at the beginning, and the hour was very well-spent. I deeply appreciate my intellectual friends, and although we differ in opinion more often than not, I find myself honored to enjoy their friendship.

Christmas break… One tattoo, two, or none? Feedback appreciated.

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2 Responses to Pillory of the Sleepless

  1. That Lance Guy says:

    I have some Codine and some Oxicondon

    Neither hooked me, yet, the proof is I still have some, haven’t used them all

    You’ll have to elaborate on these suggested Tats before I weigh in

    • sadermatt says:

      I really, really don’t like the way Vicodin made me feel last night and this morning. I don’t think I’ll be using it any longer.

      The prospective tattoo choices are these: I definitely want to get Isaiah 53:5 written out on my back. I may also get one or two more across my shoulders, essentially straddling the verse. They are quotes from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series… One is enscribed on a legendary horn and translates to “The grave is no bar to my call,” which, I believe, has enough application for the Christian to make it worth imprinting it on my body. The other is repeatedly stated by one of the main characters, Mat Cauthon, and is both a call to arms and a reference to his successful career as a gambler and risk-taker: “It’s time to toss the dice.”

      These quotes originally appear in the book’s “Old Tongue,” an ancient language integral to the storyline, but one that doesn’t actually exist in Real Life. Do you think I’d be way too much of a nerd if I got them done in that script? Should I just stick to English? Would Turkish be a sweet alternative?

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