Those Crazy Crads

GP: Nashville is a week away, and I’m pretty excited. I haven’t been able to attend a premier event since GP: Minneapolis last November, minus one or two PTQ scrubouts, so I’m due for a good time. Lance and I driving down Friday morning in order to make it in time for the last grinder. He’s not ready for competitive Magic yet, but he’s primarily looking for an awesome weekend, and he’s exactly the kind of guy you want around you during an adventure. Unfortunately, Voltaire had to drop out because he wants to keep his job, and Nate H is having difficulty securing a ride, so Lance and I might have a room to ourselves. On a related note, if anyone leaving from the Baltimore/DC area will have room for one in their vehicle, please contact me or Nate.

This Limited format is by far the most difficult I’ve encountered in my 9+ years of M:tG experience. Sealed pools are so ridiculously deep that you’re typically cutting down from 26-32 cards to arrive at your final build, and even then, you’re usually two or three cards away from playing your optimal deck. I’ve found drafting to be slightly easier, since you’ll usually be pursuing one of several archetypes (or just tanking). I’ve had great luck with some of the less conventional color pairings, like GU and UB. Everyone’s usually scooping up every red, white, and infect card they see, so Lumengrid Drakes, Darkslick Drakes, and Acid Web Spiders go much later than they probably should. I love taking every Grasp of Darkness I see, over basically every card not named Steel Hellkite, Hoard-Smelter Dragon, Wurmcoil Engine, or Skithiryx; black-x decks that kill everything they play during their first four turns before dropping fliers seem pretty good in this environment.

My second round of oral surgery was Tuesday morning, and I’m now missing a front tooth for the third time in my life. They hooked me up with another flipper (temporary tooth on a retainer), with which I’ll be stuck for two months or so, until I can get my permanent implant and crown.

I miss poker. I’m going to restart my Full Tilt career when I find the time, and I hope to get more active in the Anne Arundel County home game scene this summer.

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