Catching Up

Ohhai, 2011!

Last time I maintained a blog, I would forget to post for a week or two, and the thing eventually degenerated into nothingness. Well, history has repeated itself, seeing as I haven’t posted since last year. My bad.

I should probably give a rundown on Current Events in My Life and in the World Since December the Fourth:

– My back is now tattooed with the last phrase of Isaiah 53:5 (“…and with His stripes we are healed.”). I’ve known that I’d be getting it done for a few years now, and I finally decided to pull the trigger over the break. I went to Have Fun Be Lucky in Baltimore, since Ed Sloman’s wife works there, but she was booked on that day, so I was tatted by a man named Hunter Spanks. U jelly?

– I now have a scar that closely resembles Harry Potter’s forehead on the back of my right hand, as the result of a tackle football game played on a turf field on the first day of the break. It’s not as cool as the tat, but it means I’m a warrior.

– I quietly pulled together first- and third-place finishes in two fantasy football leagues, the latter of which came after I squeaked into the playoffs as an eight-seed and promptly defeated the top seed in the first round. I then lost on Yahoo’s bogus tiebreaker rules in the semis.

– My graduation status is now in question. I’ve gone through every possible scenario, and the only one that lets me walk at commencement in May involves taking effectively 28 credits this semester. The other scenarios include either a few weeks of summer school or another full semester of college, and neither lets me walk; naturally, I stubbornly put my head down and charged into a semester of eleven classes and zero fun. I’m not staying in Wisconsin a single minute longer than I must.

– I went hunting for the first time over break. To be honest, there’s something inherently satisfying in spending a few hours in a treestand, waiting for woodland creatures to saunter past so you can shoot at them. We didn’t see any deer, but I had a blast, and I have resolved to be more outdoorsy in the future. On a related note, I fired a gun for the first time on the same day. I’m officially a Real Grown Man.

Those are the Roman numeral points. Lots of minor details, durdling and burdling, remain, but I’m too tired to remember most of them. I’ll make a better effort at posting regularly this year. Here’s to the life!

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