All Will Be One

DISCLAIMER: Most of this post will be Magic-related, so I’d suggest skipping those parts if collectible card games aren’t really your cup of pie.

Ben Strayer and I did battle at Misty Mountain Games yesterday during the Mirrodin Besieged prerelease. For this set, Wizards introduced limited-edition “faction packs” containing either Mirran cards or Phyrexia cards, but not both. Each team received four packs of Scars and four packs of the faction of their choosing; we decided to go with Phyrexia because ten poison counters seemed easier to manage than thirty damage, and because Phyrexian packs have slightly better EV, since the Phyrexian pool includes stuff like Green Sun’s Zenith and Blightsteel Colossus.

We opened a pretty good pool, full of the best infect commons and uncommons, Phyrexian Crusader, Massacre Wurm, Contagion Engine, and Decimator Web. Our 2HG flight had 16 teams on Phyrexia and 4 Mirran teams, and we were paired against one of the latter for Round One. We crushed them in about nine minutes (t2 Plague Stinger, t3 Trigon of Rage, shrug apologetically), played them three more times before the end of the round, and won each time pretty handily. Mirran just seems so subpar, especially because it has do to effectively three times Phyrexia’s workload.

Round Two was a little disappointing. One of the opposing heads was mono-black infect, and the other was UG control. Ben ended the game with four lands in play, holding Massacre Wurm and two copies of Spread the Sickness; I had my t4 Core Prowler, t5 Golem Artisan, and t6 Contagion Engine each Steel Sabotaged. They ran out Consecrated Sphinx, drew five cards a turn, and buried us in card advantage. We likely had the win in hand, but stuff happens.

Round Three coverage:
Opponents’ Turn Five – “Clone Shell, go.”
Turn Six – Massacre Wurm, Clone Shell dies, opponent says, “OHHAITHERE, BLIGHTSTEEL COLOSSUS!!11!1!!!ONE!1!!”
Opponents’ Turn Six – “Skithiryx, Nim Deathmantle, still had all deez crads!”
They showed us Carnifex Demon and a Massacre Wurm of their own afterwards. Nice work, fellas.

Not the record we had anticipated with a pool as strong as ours, but we still had fun. Also, I finally sold off tons and tons of 4th edition Kird Apes, Lightning Bolts, and Dark Rituals that my uncle gave me a few years ago, paying for my portion of the tourney as well as Subway for the both of us. Ben bought some acrylic paints and brushes; my obsession with altered art cards has driven him to a career creating said alterations, and he’s pretty handy with a brush.

This was an awesome prerelease. Wizards hit a homerun with the faction packs, and MBS seems like an excellent set for Limited. Also, Sam Black’s team went 0-3, which is always nice.

I played some basketball tonight, since I’m fat and I should probably try being skinnier. I actually played some of my best ball since high school… Just in time for intramurals in a few weeks. That reminds me, I still have to blog about the Northland game, but I’m tired, so night-nights!

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