The Not-So-Super Bowl and Stuff

Yeah, we lost for the second time in eight attempts. I’m actually not too torn up about it. Big Ben played like garbage for the first three quarters, Green Bay’s D made more plays than ours did, and we couldn’t pull off the two-minute drill for the win. On one hand, living in the hometown of the victors is kind of a downer; on the other, if we had to lose to anyone, I’m glad it was the Packers. This fanbase is awesome, second only to Pitt’s, and I’d gladly cheer for the Pack against virtually anyone else in the league.

On a related note, good gracious, Baltimore. I get that you feel obligated to root against your rival, but you go about it in the most obnoxious, self-deprecating manner possible. “SUCK IT, SQUEALERS!” “HAHAHA, TAKE THAT, PITT FANS! YOUR TEAM IS SEWWW BADLY!” I hope those barbs are a comfort to you. It certainly must be a tough life, watching your division rivals reach three Super Bowls since your last.


I’d like to post more regularly, but life isn’t that interesting at the moment. Lots of school, some work, and the occasional playdate. I played five hours of basketball and indoor soccer yesterday, thereby confirming my Fatboy Status. Life would be so much more enjoyable, were I forty pounds lighter.

Community and House continue to amaze. These writers are nutso good. Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns and the newest single from Rise Against are very impressive.

Go Steelers.

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