Forever Alone (No Emo)

I’ll be spending the first half of V-Day in class, after which I will collapse into a chair at Connection Cafe for a Community/House/Modern Family marathon. All the Single Ladies can swing by, uninvited, if they so choose; perhaps we could share a strawberry Italian soda or three?

The Cavs finally ended their 26-game losing streak. I watched the overtime period of their win against the Clippers, and I mosdef sighed with relief when they secured the W. The Wiz play in Cleveland tomorrow, we’ve yet to win a game on the road this season, and I don’t think I could bear being That Team.

I hate the Islanders. Yeah, we know; Brent Johnson broke DiPietro’s face, and you’re very resentful. On the other hand, we’re missing our two All-Stars and several other role-players, and thanks to you goons, we’re now short another defenseman for ten games. I’m all for abiding by the Code, but NYI took it way too far.

We got trashed in intramurals today. We lost to Carey by 15 or so, immediately followed by a heartbreaking loss by 2 to Spurgeon. Our team doesn’t play very well together, and we’re in generally poor physical condition. I did block eights shots in the two games, so that’s cool.

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2 Responses to Forever Alone (No Emo)

  1. That same Lance guy says:

    I’m not a single lady, but I might swing by!

  2. dane domain says:

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