Winding Down

The worst part about trying to maintain a blog during the schoolyear is that, inevitably, writing for credit saps all the joy out of writing for fun. It’s been six weeks since my last entry, but I can’t help it. I’ve opened a new tab in WordPress about a dozen times this month, and every time I start typing an introductory paragraph, I remember that I have an X-page paper due in six hours and just start weeping.

The plus side to all this self-flagellation is that, if all goes according to plan and the school manages NOT to find yet another way to screw me over, I should be driving away from this campus for the last time in six weeks. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to walk at commencement because I’ll still have six credits of summer school after the semester’s end, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Traipsing across that forty-foot stage in front of eight hundred grandparents is kind of cool, I guess, but I’d rather just sleep in, thanks. The downside is that my parents were slightly disappointed with that news; they’ve only seen the campus once (when they dropped me off four years ago), and my dad hates to pass on any opportunity to dance in public. However, he really needs back surgery, but he’s been putting it off in part because he wants to survive a 15-hour drive, and this eliminates that decision.

Cool Things Since My Last Post:

1. Spring break. Spent a day in Philly and made it out alive, slept near infinite, played some CoD, qualified for the World Tavern Poker Tournament of Champions, and participated in a pretty sweet PTQ trip to Richmond in which I 02drop’d but saw two top eights out of three teammates.

2. Creative Writing class. This is my sole enjoyable academic venture this semester, and it’s barely “enjoyable.” I get to write short stories and creative nonfiction pieces for credit, and I get to choose the topics. I find it extremely difficult to enjoy any required writing anymore unless I get to pick the topic. I’m just burnt out at this point.

3. That’s it. Get me the heck out of this state.

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