Awake and Alive!

Oh, look! A blogging!

It’s been too long, etc. When we last left our hero, I (am not going to talk about myself in the third person) was talking about how much school sucked and how I couldn’t be more ready to finish.

Well, I didn’t quite finish.

I still have a few classes to take before I receive my diploma, and since Maranatha decided to take a year’s hiatus on offering those particular classes, my academic status is currently set to “limbo.” I’ll finish eventually (this fall), but I’m not too pressed about it at the moment.

After relocating back to Maryland, I started the job search, which was the most enjoyable of all the things. I believe the total application/resume count peaked at fifty-five before I was offered a sales position at a Foot Locker store. Still stuck in retail, still making pennies, but after an entire summer without work, I was ready to clean diapers with my forehead for a living. I’ve been at Foot Locker since the end of August, and I do enjoy working there, but I’m definitely on the lookout for anything better (as in “full time, pays more than single-digit-dollars-per-hour”), so if you have any leads, don’t be a stranger.

I played a lot of poker over the summer, mostly in tandem with the local branch of World Tavern Poker, a free league with nightly games in bars, pubs, and other restaurants all over the country. There are zero buy-ins and, for most of the season, zero prizes, but it’s an awesome environment and a great method for refining Hold ‘Em skills, so I found myself playing 6-8 games each week during my time of unemployment. My goals for the season were to qualify for the National tournament in Atlantic City and to win the Tavern Championship at Shooters Bar and Grill, where I spent every Monday night. I accomplished the latter after playing one of the best sessions of my life in the final round of the season, and it might seem quite trivial and/or sad, but carrying that trophy out to the parking lot was a top-two moment of 2011 for me (great year, right?). I never got to pursue the former because my new job forced me to miss the Regional qualifier, but again, makingpapergood.

Another awesome opportunity that accompanied my homecoming was the chance to dive headfirst back into the Magic community. With Wizards’ introduction of the Planeswalker Points system, I decided to grind out as many points as possible and win a few byes at the next season’s Grand Prix. I scraped together two byes in three months, which is one more than I’ve ever managed before. Playing for a 5-2 record is much easier than 7-2, so I’m pretty excited about my chances in Baltimore, Nashville, and wherever else I go this season.

The number of times I told myself to blog something I wanted to remember in the future over the past eight months has to be greater than 50, and now I’m ticked at my laziness. I can’t remember anything. I went to Puerto Rico on a mission trip, and I never wrote anything down in detail. I probably did lots of cool things.*

I’m over the hump now, so I’ll be bringing the posts with reckless abandon. Read me! It’ll be better than this was, I promise.

*I did just flip a pair of Foamposites for ~$125 in profit. I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing this with every big release at work, but I most certainly will not be missing many more opportunities like this one.

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