“Jury Duty, Jury Duty, Jury Duty, Blackmail, Pink Slip, Chain Letter, Eviction Notice, Jury Duty!”

I cannot interact with words or phrases that have a direct connection to a card title, keyword, or other Magic term without making that particular association. For instance, I remember “Blackmail” as a sorcery-speed discard spell from Onslaught, featuring some art of Braids excitedly examining an oversized ruby.

My jury duty was pushed back to Wednesday morning. I set two alarms, as per usual, and managed to sleep through both of them and wake up 45 minutes late. After rocketing to Annapolis, I checked in at the circuit courthouse, accepted my $15 travel compensation, and waded through the piles of other humans engrossed in the waiting room’s feature presentation (Planet Earth).

I was fully prepared to devote my entire day to my civic duty, but after an hour or so, the bailiff announced to the room that all but the following five names were free to go for the day. I bolted right after the fifth name was called, glad to be done with that nonsense.

Skyrim marathon! This game is actually the nuts. Before today, I hadn’t played in about a week because I have a hard time playing RPGs in short stretches; I need a good two hours to get some momentum going. I played for about five hours today, and it felt pretty great.

Also, I like a girl.

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