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Yeah, that’s right, I’m back on the Red wagon.

The team spent about seven hours testing Standard today for the GP this weekend. Most of the guys are on Esper Delver, but after jamming matches with it against the field for a few hours, I am too mentally exhausted to consider spending an entire weekend doing it. I completely agree with Matt Sperling in that Finkel’s deck was awesome for the Swiss in Honolulu, but once decklists were posted for the top 8 and the element of surprise was gone, the deck became much easier to defeat. We’ve worked on the 75 to help the Wolf Run matchup, but it’s still too iffy for me.

I battled with the U/B Infect list that has been tearing through MODO (and by “tearing through,” I mean “4-0ing a single DE”), but it’s not very good at all. That guy must’ve dodged Delver completely, because the match is zero fun for the Infect player. A plan that revolves around hitting with 1/1s until you manage to stick an equipment and pay some life for Mutagenic Growths sucks pretty hard when they have Vapor Snags and Gut Shots.

Anyway, we’re back on the Red plan. I’m good at it, so fingers crossed.

I sold my pair of Retro 4s on eBay yesterday. Investment: $112. Selling price: $270. I feel like I’m scamming the world.

I am very sick of being sick. Been coughing and sneezing for almost two weeks, and I ache.


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