On and On and On

Just to recap from my last post, I finished the tournament in 10th place at 3-2. Alex Majlaton won the IQ with UW Delver. He and Jarvis played the same seventy-five, which is a card-for-card copy of Matt Costa’s Grand Prix: Baltimore-winning list (actually, they added a second Batterskull to the ‘board in place of the Surgical Extraction… INNOVATION). I should probably be playing something similar; the deck is very consistent, and is probably close to 50% against the field. It’s the sort of deck that really rewards good play and allows its pilot to outplay his opponent… Then again, that’s a reason why I’ve stayed away. The deck is really hard to play correctly, and it hurt my head in testing. Brian’s GW brainchild basically runs on autopilot, even if it’s not quite where it needs to be. Angelic Destiny, Inkmoth Nexus, and Moorland Haunt are proving tough to beat. Day of Judgment and Ratchet Bombs are all pretty bad against them, Oblivion Ring improves the Humans matchup, but sometimes you just don’t draw one, and in those games, Destiny will kill you. We’re going to test a few things to help us survive the midgame, until we can overwhelm them with all the fatties. Midnight Haunting generates a few speedbumps which become legitimate threats under Elesh Norn’s rule (Lingering Souls might be better, but the mana is already bordering on sketchy). Dismember gives us an instant-speed answer to most things. Also considering a second and possibly a third Ghost Quarter. Lots of testing to be done before the Open this weekend.

I think I’d rather be playing Shaheen Soorani’s Esper Planeswalker deck that has been crushing everything recently. Problems with this include not owning most of the cards and not being any good at control decks.

In other news, I might be required to go back to Wisconsin for a semester to finish my degree. I don’t even want to think about it, but unfortunately, I have to. I’ll need to enroll for two online classes that run through July and August, and I’ll take the rest on-campus. Breaking the news to the rest of world that I might be putting Real Life on hold again for a few months is not going to be much fun. Wish me luck.

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