Back to Where We Lasted

Confirmed – going back to Wisconsin this fall. I’m probably taking some courses toward an MA in Biblical Studies to make it worth the time away and to make more efficient use of my tuition dollars. On the plus side, I’ll be sharing an apartment with Kit Groom, Micah Lancaster, and a fourth guy. Two hundred bucks a month isn’t bad at all; tuition and other school fees should run me about $6k, so I need to come up with ~$7k in the next few months. Reeeally need a new job, or at least a second. I’m going to try delivering for Domino’s in the fall, and I’m also going to break into a corner of Kit’s eBay business, selling Nike shoes from the outlets. He’s turning a $400/week profit lately, and I can’t wait to get in on it.

I didn’t win any PTQs this season. Four PTQs, three Top 16s, still no Top 8s. Standard is next, and Games & Stuff will be getting a PTQ (!) in June or July, so hopefully I can defend the home turf somewhat respectfully. Avacyn Restored looks pretty awesome so far, and everyone’s excited for Return to Ravnica in the fall. Twenty years later, Wizards is still churning out an awesome product.

Team GP! In San Jose! In October! With Nate and Brian! And flights are only $525!

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